Koga-Miyata foundation year 1974.

Below: Koga-Miyata founder Andries Gaastra

Since 1974 people have had more time for leisure activities, because the working week got shorter.
Koga, as a newly-founded cycle manufacturer, took immediate advantage of this trend. Andries Gaastra, former Sales Manager at Batavus, founded Koga B.V. when his father Gerrit sold the Batavus business. He joined the first two letters of his wife’s surname with the first two of his own to form the brand name Koga.
Gaastra’s aim was to bring an exclusive range of lightweight bikes to market. He built the very first Koga at his own home in Oranjewoud, near Heerenveen. Gaastra quickly decided to specify components only from exclusive suppliers, so as to meet the highest quality expectations. Once Koga had become an importer of Shimano components, a network developed including other Japanese cycle manufacturers.
Among them was Miyata, a company which at this time had already been producing cycle frames for 80 years.
Until 2010 Koga frames were produced by Miyata, and the suffix Miyata was placed after the brand name Koga.

Koga Miyata Road Racer:


Launch of racing bicycles in 1976

Koga Miyata brings its first racing bicycles to market. Koga is a pioneer in its collaboration with Shimano.Sponsorship of “IJsboerke” race team 1980


Koga Miyata starts sponsoring the “IJsboerke” cycle racing team. The photo above dates back to 1980. All of the riders who were then members of the Ijsboerke-Koga-Miyata-Warncke Team rode Fullpro-L or Fullpro bikes with original specification.

Top left: Jos van de Poel, Ludo Delcroix, Marc Demeyer, Ronny Claes, Jos Jacobs, Guido van Sweevelt.
2nd row: Hans van Vliet, Walter Godefroot, Dirk Wayenberg, Pol Verschuere, Ludo Peeters, Rudi Pevenage, Gery Verlinden, Eric van den Wiele, Staf van Roosbroeck, Jos Janssens, Willy de Geest.
3rd row: Andre Dierickx, Ludwig Wijnands, Rudi Colman, Willy de Geest. Front: Uwe Bolten, Daniël Willems, Theo de Rooy.

Sponsorship of “Capri Sonne” pro team 1981


Left to right: Hans van Vliet, Gerrit van Gestel, Ludo Delcroix, Uwe Bolten, Theo de Rooij, Ludwig Wijnands, Peter Winnen, Rudi Pevenage, Daniël Willems, Eric van de Wiele, Ronny Claes, Guido van Sweevelt, Jos Jacobs, Willy de Geest, Pol Verschuere, Marc Demeyer, Walter Godevroot.

Koga Miyata no longer built just racing bikes, but widened its range to include touring bikes.

RoadRunner, launch of touring bikes 1980.

Peter Winnen wins stage over L’Alpe d’Huez:


Peter Winnen wins on a Koga Miyata in the Tour de France stage over L’Alpe d’Huez in 1981

Anecdote – what led up to the 1981 victory:
The winning bike used by Peter Winnen was delivered to L’Alpe d’Huez by Team Capri Sonne only on the morning of the stage. This special, even lighter version of the team bike had in fact only been finalised the day before, and was transported overnight to the Alpe d’Huez stage start personally by Koga assembler Aart Boer. Some of the riders decided on the spot to use this new team bike, and among them was Peter Winnen.

Above tekst is taken from www.koga.com